Your ally... when tech trouble strikes.

Serving the Chester, Montgomery and Berks counties of Pennsylvania,  located in Pottstown, PA
Email:  or call 484-558-0357

techEQUALIZER  brings decades of technology experience to bear on your technical problems and needs.

Whatever you need to get started or get back into operation,,, that's what we do best.   Fast. Thorough. Guaranteed.
We commonly handle:
  • Restore operation and data of failed computers
  • Migrate from an old to new computer
  • Virus cleaning and protection
  • Replace broken LCD screens of laptops, tablets, and phones
  • Audio and video media creation/editing and format conversion
  • Low cost upgrades
  • Multiple monitor installation
  • Network installations
  • Education and tutoring on all categories of consumer electronic products
That's techEQUALIZER dedicated to help you get the most out of technology and eliminate tech hassles.

Contact us for a consultation.

Inspired by the wonderful 1980s TV series The Equalizer starring the late Edward Woodward as a retired CIA spy liberating people from "the bad guys".

The SPECTOR of TECHNOLOGY looms large:  JPG... HDMI...  AntiVirus...  Malware... Firewalls...  WiFi...  USB 2.0 USB 3.0 SATA... Broadband...  Browsers... URLs... HTML... Java...   Flash Drives...  Android... BlueTooth... BluRay...  Quad Cores... Streaming...  Voice over IP... DDR... Huh?

Where does it end?  It doesn't.  techEQUALIZER
can help you make technology serve you instead of visa versa!

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