About Us

techEQUALIZER is the brainchild of a technology veteran  who is tired of meeting people who are plagued and frustrated by technology.  What is needed today are mechanisms to properly address a growing knowledge gap.    Manufactures, retailers, schools and universities are all failing to to this.  People need a fighting chance to keep up.

Our ambition is to passionately   construct a new paradigm in technology service and support and education that contributes to a rise in the technical capabilities of the general public.  The effects could be far reaching and significant potentially leading to a more productive and effective American workforce, able to compete better against foreign competition and keep jobs in at home.

Like minded people are sought and brought on for various roles as required by the projects at hand.

Sponsorship by and partnership with outstanding solution innovators are sought whose products we are pleased to introduce to  our clients.  techEQUALIZER can help your products gain acceptance and market share.

Other areas we may expand into:  

  • Product Testing and review service
  • Technology R & D, harnessing creative people- "no degree required"
  • Consumer advocacy: a force to affect law in regards to information, privacy, security, and property.
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