Is my DATA still there?

 Oh No

 Who sat on my laptop !?

Doesn't it seem like equipment always fails at the worst possible time?  Seems like they have stress sensors built in to detect our anxiety level.  When that level rises BANG they fail on us.

Emergency repair service
w/ loaner equipment quickly setup to cover your specific immediate needs.  We will zoom right out and if we can, fix your computer right on the spot using stocked replacement parts.  If we can't fix it you don't pay.

Laptop LCD Screen Problems: Usually < $150
No display, Intermittent or cracked.   We can replace display or fix the problem that They are so easily cracked! Apples and PC. 

Xbox Red Ring of Death Repair: $49
A common failure.   Unit overheated from age and lack of cleaning... the good news, it includes complementary cleaning!
CD ROM open/close/read/write repair also available.

iPhone, and iPod glass: $65
Oops!  Now its cracked.  Its not the end of the world.  Cost effective glass & digitizer replacement.

Virus Removal/Restore: $99 (+ restore media if not provided)
Cleaning of system or system restoration in order to restore operation.  Includes our exclusive Windows configuration to help prevent serious infection in the future.

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