We realize how hard it is to keep up with the pace of technology.  Yet we all need to get the most out of it.  From computers to home theater to smart phones to GPS: Knowing what to buy, how to use it, and insure it keeps running correctly can be overwhelming.  Our answer is innovative targeted  training seminars tuned to get you leveraging new technology to make you more productive and to save you time and money.

Each seminar is one session long interactive multimedia lecture.  Learn what you want to learn without a lot of time and money committed.  CONTACT US WITH YOUR INTEREST.

Makes a great gift for the technically challenged family member!


Primers:  Before-You-Buy Consumer Electronics Seminars:  1 Hour
These seminars will teach the basic terminology and features of C.E. devices
that you need to know to make an informed purchase that will meet your needs.
Includes overview of the technology, terminology, market survey, features and their benefits, and recommendations.
  • Laptop, Notebook & Netbook Primer: Options, advantages, selection
  • Pad Computer Primer: What are they better for. iPad vs Andros OS
  • Desktop Computer Primer:  All-in-one vs Towers.  New features, bang for the buck.
  • High Speed Internet Connection Primer:
  • Digital Point-And Shoot Camera Primer
  • Digital SLR Camera Primer
  • Home Theater Primer: What is HD, how it works, great options in TVs, Sound Systems and Speakers.

  • GPS Primer: Hows it works, what are the features.
  • MP3/Digital Music Primer: The features, the players.
  • BluRay Primer: why they are better, the players, features, reviews.
  • Streaming Media Services:  What Netflix, Hulu, and the others are all about.
  • Printer Primer: About ink technology, features, and cost comparisons, recommendations.
  • How to lower your Electric costs: New developments in LED lights and the deregulation of electric service.
  • Your Options in Renewable Energy
Special Interest Quick Seminars - 1 Hour
Designed to teach very targeted practices and principles of a limited subject matter.
  • Configure your computer for maximum protection: There are a few things that you need to do to
    protect your computer even if you have AntiVirus software running.  Learn what it is.l
  • Search Engines:  How to effectively search for information on the Internet.
  • Social Networking: Facebook introduction; explaining its operation, features, settings, and security.
  • Dual Monitors:  Perhaps the most immediate and best productivity enhancer.  Learn how to set up an extra monitor and interact with two screens.  View more information at one time, more conveniently.
  • Using Free HDTV Broadcasting
  • Renewable Energy Overview:
  • Blogs and RSS Feeds
  • How to setup a small Solar Panel System for backup power
  • GPS: A Walk through of all the functions, tips.
  • The Open Question and Answer Seminar: Come, Listen, Ask Questions and Get Answers. Any Tech Topic.
Narrow Subject Seminars: 1 Hour Long
These seminars cover its subject with enough detail to deliver the information and practices
for competent use of the technology as well as a firm basis with which to continue learning independently.
  • Taking Control Of Windows: Making it do what YOU want.  If you want to make Windows your own, this is all of the tips and tricks to do that.  Learn to install and remove software, use right click menus, changing backgrounds and themes.
  • Confidence with your files: Build the skills you need to be able view on any device and transfer from any device to any device: camera to hard disk, hard disk to flash drive, etc.  Learn to use Explorer, how to select multiple items, cut and paste, and drag and drop.  We'll also show you some better tools for the job.
  • Home Networking:  Build confidence that you can setup and maintain your own secure  network, wired and wireless, and control connecting to public WiFi networks when you are out and about.
  • Essential Internet: Confidence with Browsers.  Learn about the popular browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.  Learn why you might want to adopt one of these.  Learn the essential features of a browser.  Learn how to effectively use search engines. 
  • Backing up your system: There are a lot of options in how to do it.  We'll cover concepts and practice.
  • All about Virus Protection:  Its not just about what Anti Virus software you run.  We''l cover the skinny on practices that are dangerous, cover windows configuration changes that protect your machine and survey of virus protection software packages.
  • Encryption and Privacy:  Tools and methods for keeping your most critical information private. Keep information from being pirated off of your computer with free firewall software. 
  • Webcams and Video Calls:  See how you can install a video camera and install and run free software with which you can make computer based phone for free across the country and the world. 
  • Media Network:  The choice methods and devices for setting up your own media server to store your DVDs and movie files for playback on any PC and your TV.
  • OpenOffice: The free office suite: Introduction. The great no-cost alternative to MS Office.
  • Advanced Photo Editing concepts: Using budget full featured photo editing and paint program learn how to retouch and make creative, different file formats and relative benefits.
  • Video Camcorder Operation
  • Video Editing Basics w/ free Windows Movie Maker: Learn the essentials of assembling clips together into a composition.
  • Simple Web Site Creation:   Use simple on-line tools to create a web site.

Wide Subject Area"Boot Camp" Seminars:  4 Hours Long, in 4 50 minute sessions.
These seminars present a large subject area in one session, covering the elements that are necessary
to achieve a basic mastery.

  • New to Computers Introduction;  Give us an evening and we'll give you computer competency.   This seminar is the information that should have come with your computer but didn't.  We'll start with the basic machine and totally demystify it by showing you what your computer is made of and what the pieces do for you.  You'll know the difference between a hard disk drive, a flash drive, and memory.  This makes an excellent foundation for understanding Windows, since it is the control program for all of these pieces.    We'll explain boot-up through launching a program, explain what Windows is and its essential elements including:  icons, single and double clicking, how to use multiple windows, tool bars, and the standard "my" places where items are stored, and the recycle bin. In two short hours you will not be afraid of the machine anymore.
  • Digital Photography Basics:  Functions of point-and-shoot cameras, transfer of pictures to the PC, organizing, simple editing, displaying, and services for printing and album making.
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