More monitors, more information, more effective.

One of the best favours you can do for yourself is to add an additional monitor to your computer.  Increasing the  amount of information and controls in front of you is key to increasing productivity.  Fortunately setting up the extra display is  one of our specialities.  Most people are unaware that it is even possible. 

With multiple monitors attached to your system you can keep multiple windows open full-screen. It encourages you to creatively use more than one application at a time.  You don't have to keep minimizing and maximizing windows or tediously re-sizing them.  Having two independent displays allows you to reference one screen while simultaneously working actively on the other.  No  jockeying windows around .  No more printing out a page just so you can refer to it while working  on something else.  

Your mouse glides back and forth between the two monitors, almost magically disappearing off one edge and appearing on the other.   You can drag windows from one monitor to the other. Monitors can be rotated on their side so that you can see an entire page of a document without scrolling.  It's freeing and its fun. It's hard to believe that most users don't even know its possible.

Studies cite 44% increase in productivity over one monitor alone.

We provide the video cards, monitor stands, software, and the setup of this innovative working environment.  It can be added to most computers at a reasonable cost.  You might even be able to make use of that old monitor sitting the basement! 

Contact us today to set YOU up.  LIMITED TIME SPECIAL:  $50 + hardware costs.

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