We offer innovative problem solving and productivity solutions to private, professional, and small business clients.  Some services are able to be performed on-the-spot, while others are done at our facility. 


$49 Computer Security Configuration: Having a Virus Protection program is NOT SUFFICIENT to protect your computer from harm!  Every computer is delivered from manufactures in an unsafe configuration.  If a virus gets past your virus protection software it can attack deep into your system and make it very expensive to fix.  With our configuration the operating system is "locked down" so viruses are isolated from doing harm and quick and easy recovery is highly likely. 

$99 Computer Setup: Includes the Computer Protection Configuration (above) and also Installation of free virus protection,  Remove nuisance software installed by the manufacturer.  After the configuration is complete, we create a backup so that you can recover your customized configuration in the event of catastrophic loss.

$39 Backup Setup:  Will setup your computer to do automated backups.  Either to the web or to an external hard drive (drive provided at extra cost)

$29 Customization Consultation: on setting up your computer the way YOU want:

$99 1 Hour Orientation:  For new-to-computer users, a personal tour around Windows and how to do common operations.  Addition time billed in 15 minute increments.

$49 Wireless Network Setup/Diagnostics: Setup or fix your wireless network configuration.

$69 Migrate Your Files: Move them from one machine to another and place them in like spots on the new machine. Migration of email and contacts extra.

$29 System Tune-up:  An add on to other services, this includes: physical cleaning (most systems are thoroughly clogged with dust!) , temporary file removal, and hard disk conditioning to restore performance (defragmentation).

$29 System Cleansing: Ready to get rid of your old system?  We'll stop by and wipe your hard disk clean using military standard quality disk erasing.  We can help dispose of your old system by renovating it back into service, often used in support of local charities.

$10 Remote Trouble Solver:  Can't figure out how to change that certain setting?  We'll remotely access you computer to tweak it. 

We pick up and return equipment and do routine scheduled service visits Mondays and Thursdays.   Standard repair time is 1 week unless parts are needed.

Add $59 for Express service 48 hour turnaround.

Add $149 for Emergency- Immediate pickup, 1st priority work, Free loaner system provided if we cannot return your system to service withing 24 hours.

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