Nobody will take a harder look at your situation and recommend the most
cost effective upgrades to improve your system.

There are many great options today such as:

Obtaining the best processor every made for your system and swapping out
your old one.

Obtaining the best memory every made for your system and increasing the
quantity and speed of the memory subsystem.

Adding larger and/or faster drive storage.  Tremendous improvements have been made in the last few years.  Solid State Drives (SSD) are now a viable option for laptops and desktops providing super fast boot times, program & data loading, and file processing.

If you are using built-on-the-motherboard graphics (most systems are delivered this way) you will benefit from adding a graphics card.  This can speed up graphics in general; games, video playback, the "snappyness" of Window's interface, etc.

Upgrading the network infrastructure with faster wired or wireless communications.  Many people never bother to set up their wireless printing.  We can do that for you and WOW is it a great thing.  Wireless scanning to any computer is awesome also.

Don't forget our "multiple monitor" upgrade features on its own page on the left.
Multiple monitors are a significant productivity improver.

So call us for a consultation, we look forward to making your computing experience less frustrating and more productive.

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